Mandela - Pack Extenders - Set of 3
Mandela - Pack Extenders - Set of 3
Mandela - Pack Extenders - Set of 3

Mandela - Pack Extenders - Set of 3


Mandela Pack Extenders attach to your D-fa Leash of choice and allow you to walk more than one dog off a single lead. Mandela comes in three different colors to help you keep track of who's on the end of the leash and each one can be adjusted in length to give each dog just the right amount of freedom.    

You'll Dig

  • Length adjusts 92cm (36") to 53cm (21")  
  • Bar tacked fittings for strength  
  • Muffle ring with each attachment to reduce the jangling and jingling of metal parts 
  • Attaches to D-fa Swivel Carabiner  

Because it makes sense that you'll want more than one we sell these as a pack of three. If you only have two dogs and you're wondering what to do with the extra one then it makes a very handy short leash or it can hang about in the laundry until you need a spare. 

*Please note that the leash shown in this image is not included with the set of three Mandela's but can be purchased separately and we'd be delighted if you did. The leash we have in the picture is the Napoleon and it makes a perfect base for the Mandela. 

Important Safety Consideration

No D-fa Leash is intended for tie-out so please be aware of this when using it to secure your dog. Please use commonsense whenever securing your dog and avoid situations where they could be harmed or cause harm to others should they become entangled, frightened or unbound.  

Please never leave your dog tied up out of sight or in a place where it can be harmed or cause harm to others.

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