Fit To Move Design™

There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on our jackets. Despite dogs varying enormously in their shape and appearance, they all have one thing in common; curves. 

This matters because if you've ever tried to wrap a round or cylindrical object in a square piece of paper you know that it involves some folding and trimming. Wrapping a dog is similar to that. They are both round and asymmetrical because their shoulders and hips are usually different circumferences and their deep chests and tapered rib cages add another anomaly to their geometry. 

That's why we've taken the time and done the maths to create patterns built on curves and trimmed out the excess pieces of fabric. The panels of all of our jackets follow the same geometry as a dog's torso and our adjustments flow along the natural lines of their body to find the most ergonomic, tidy fit on the different kinds of body shapes. We try in every garment to avoid crossing over areas of the body that need to move freely, in particular the shoulders and in the Float Doggy we used smaller segments of foam in different places rather than one or two large pieces so we could trim out the bulk, increase the buoyancy and improve the freedom of movement. 

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