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Joining THEPACK is easy. Simply create and account with us and you'll get all the handy features that brings, like not having to enter your details every time you shop, order tracking and faster checkouts so you can get outside and play. 

More importantly we know that everyone likes a little reward and getting those rewards straight away is always best. Each time you pass through the checkout and apply the code THEPACK we will take a 10% discount off your total purchase. You need to be logged into your account for this code to work. 

Occasionally when the accountant lets us we make THEPACK discount a little bigger, or a lot bigger if we've managed to convince him that being more generous is the proper thing to do on things like holidays and special occasions. We'll let you know if we're doing anything big, but you might also be pleasantly surprised at a little extra discount you didn't know was coming. THEPACK discount on D-fa Gear doesn't drop below 10%. 

As a Pack member you also get first dibs on anything new or exciting for which we will send you the occasional email. We promise not to hound you with emails and of course we don't share your details with anyone else. 


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