Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue
Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue
Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue
Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue
Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue
Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue

Moon-Walker - High Visibility - Bright Blue

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The Moon-Walker dog jacket is a lightweight, water-resistant shell and a great solution for dogs that may not need extra warmth, but could use the extra visibility and coverage to keep them safe, clean and dry when out on adventures.

Wearing high visibility colours doesn't mean you have to look like a road crew worker or a glow-stick at a Katy Perry concert.

The limited edition Once-In-A-Blue-Moon-Walker works the same as the original but with less of the fluro-vibe. As well as looking great, bright blue is the new blaze orange as it stands out well in bush and open environments.     

If you are looking for something with less coverage but still want reflectivity and visibility then check out our new SAR vest.   

You'll Dig

  • Schoeller Reflex side panels give superior reflectivity that is pliable and does not peel or chip over time
  • No loss of reflectivity when the jacket is wet
  • Blue color stands out strongly in bush and open conditions  
  • Inner mesh lining for comfort  
  • Easy on-off locking buckles; no velcro, sleeves, zippers or d-fa-difficult fastenings
  • Zero FAF (fur-adherence-factor) on outer surface, moderate FAF on inner
  • It's limited edition so you won't see all the dogs at the park or on the back of the utes wearing the same thing. 
Also Available In Bright Green and Blaze Orange

Wear It

  • Exercising, working or playing in cool or wet and low light conditions
  • In woodland environments e.g. bush 


Please click on the sizing chart image on this page to size yourself up for a Moon-Walker. 

If you have measured and compared and are still unsure, please contact us and we will do our best to help out.  

The Fit

This jacket is made from a static fabric. That means that it doesn’t have much, if any stretch in it so it doesn’t flex and stretch so much during activity as fabrics that contain lycra or softer knits. To account for this, our jackets made from these static fabrics fit a little looser than those made from a stretch fabric. That means they don’t sit as tight around the body. It’s like the difference between your neat-fitting soft shell jacket and your more roomy waterproof overcoat. You don’t need to adjust the size you buy, but be aware that the jacket might have a looser fit than your stretchy ones.

If you’re worried or confused, contact us and we’ll try to help you out.



Outer: Nylon Flycloth - Ripstop 1000mm water-resistant
Reflective: Schoeller Spirit 
Inner: Soft nylon Mesh
Fastenings: Duraflex 20mm Rock Lockster Cam Lock
Made in: New Zealand 

Care: All D-fa jackets love fresh air so hang out in the breeze as often as you can and never put them away wet. Machine wash with gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Re-coat with nylon approved waterproofing treatment as required e.g. Nikwax.

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