Greetings D-fa Dealer

As you can see, our stockist login has changed. We have moved into the new age of internet ordering for dealers which makes it easier and more pleasing on the eye for you to place orders with D-fa. Now we have things like: 
  • You shop on our website like the public, only you will see your pricing.
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get ordering - yes folks, no more 'is that the right one' worries when you order. Every item you select will show up in the shopping cart as the size and colour that you have chosen.
  • Inventory numbers - no more, do they have that in stock? If it's in stock, you can buy it but if it's not there's no more d-fa disappointment when we tell you later that you can't have it. 
  • Special Dealer Deals - when we have a deal, you're able to buy it off the website at special rates just for you. First up, best dressed! 
All you need to do to have all these nice to haves is to create your account.  We then load you as a dealer and apply all of your respective discounts and specials to your account. The website will customise all the pricing and information to your dealer account.

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Create your dealer account now.  Choose your region: NZ Dealers, USA Dealers, Rest of the World Dealers.  Please make up a password that you won't forget (don't forget to write it down somewhere).    

  2. Please send an email to woof@d-fa.com to let us know you've created the account.  We can then do all the fancy stuff at the back end so that it works as well as a  Border Collie among a flock of sheep.   

  3. We will confirm we have done the fancy stuff and your account is ready to use.  To place an order, just shop the products you want, create the order then we will confirm it with all the shipping and stuff calculated in. Bingo!
Any questions, please woof@d-fa.com and we will sort them out for you.