Ice-Barker ®
100% New Zealand Merino Jacket
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Red Stitching
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Black Stitching

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INSPIRED BY: Jack the thermally fragile Rhodesian Ridgeback and our favourite Merino outdoor gear 
Merino is one of nature’s greatest gifts, endowed with remarkable properties by Mother Nature and the Merino sheep’s need to adapt to the extreme conditions of New Zealand’s high-altitude environments.  

Our Merino fibre is warm, lighter than traditional wools, soft, easy to wear and care for, and its natural odour-suppressing qualities are legendary. Best of all the fibres in the fabric lock in warm air to insulate against cold, and release the warmer air as activity or conditions change to keep the body temperature at a constant, comfortable warmth.  The felted Merino used in our dog jackets also has a moderate level of wind and water resistance.  

Natural Merino is a fabulous alternative to synthetic insulation such as fleece products that can become scratchy and smelly over time and may not breathe or warm as well when conditions change.  

The Ice-Barker® is perfect for senior, thin-skinned or fine coated dogs, if the jacket is to be worn for long periods of time or in variable conditions.

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  • Always toasty – even if damp
  • Never scratchy – soft, low-irritant and natural
  • Lightweight and breathable – adapts to changing conditions for a comfortable, constant temperature, perfect for indoors and out
  • Seldom stinky – naturally anti-microbial
  • Cut-away shoulder panels allow for free movement
  • Panelled design neatly fits a range of doggy proportions
  • Chest and belly panel warms the core and keeps the underbelly dry and clean
  • Collar extends coverage over cervical spine
  • Easy fastenings and adjustments with no clumsy fittings or Velcro
  • Easy to care for - machine or hand wash and please follow care instructions
wear it
  • During exercise or between periods of exercise in cool conditions
  • At rest indoors or outdoors to maintain a comfortable body temperature
  • After swimming
  • If your dog is elderly, suffers from joint stiffness related to cold or any condition that makes them sensitive to cold or changes in temperature.
All merino used in the Ice-Barker is grown in the high country stations of New Zealand. No heavy metal dyes are used in the milling of our fabrics and all farms upon which the wool is grown are monitored for the sustainability of their farming and care of their stock. The Ice-Barker is proudly made of and in New Zealand. 

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What are they saying about the Ice-Barker?

"Thanks so much for Poppy's Ice-Barker, it made the world of difference to her last winter. With Poppy's supermodel proportions (ie: legs so long that she can't see her toes, big chest and tiny waist) she was shivering so much that her teeth chattered when we went for walks last winter. Not good for a growing puppy! The Ice-Barker ensured she could walk and play and stay happy and healthy whilst building up muscle (unlike those show dog cousins of hers, who live in kennels all their lives). She is looking forward to a new coat for winter 2011 so she can continue to run off leash, knock on the doors at edgewater and scare tourists with her beautiful huge toothy grin!"

Fleur and Poppy Kinsella
"Thank you D-Fa for helping my Bichon, Louie, survive! He was hit by a car in August and the brain injury meant he had trouble regulating his body temperature. The Ice-Barker was perfect - he wore it day and night for weeks! The jacket kept him warm when he was cold, as well as being breathable so he didn't get hot. We were so relieved to have it, knowing he was comfortable all the time. For us, it was a life saver!"

Erica and Louie, New Zealand
"My name is Blade - The Super Sniffer, a deer stalking, pheasant-flushing, duck-retrieving German Wirehaired Pointer. GWPs aren't renowned for being nutritional over-achievers (we don't get fat easily) and after 3 years hunting with me, making Mum and Dad share their sleeping bags at night and finding that I shivered all my weight off, and despite getting more food every time we came home I couldn't take me out in public because I look like an refugee from an SPCA camp. I'm no light weight 'sooky' dog though, I swim 365 days of the year, regardless of the temperature, so my Ice-Barker is perfect for warming me up and keeping me toasty warm after all that effort. I LOVE my Ice-barker."

Georgina and Blade, the Super-Sniffer NZ
"I wanted to let you know this side of winter that Spy has worn his Snoodle and Ice-Barker almost every day. It was a Godsend given that this was one of the coldest winters in many years. We received many compliments as he walked through the neighborhood wearing them. Given that we needed the large size Ice Barker for his long body, the Snoodle was very much appreciated as it enabled both his cervical and lumbar spines to be covered with the wool. I am delighted to report that we will celebrate his 13th birthday next month and that he continues to do well."

Nancy and Spy, USA
"The Ice-Barker is an excellent jacket for my older and short-haired dogs during the months when the temperature drops. The merino still creates warmth even if it’s wet, which makes it a great choice for after the dogs have been swimming and are still a bit damp. The design ensures that the dogs stay warm all over, and it’s a really nice jacket for them to sleep in too. The dogs love wearing this jacket and it has all the warmth of the traditional bulky lined jackets, without the weight or bulk."

Chelsea, World Agility Champion, NZ
"Grrrr grrrr sniff slobber brrrr grrr grrrr warm blah light woof whine whine rabbits woof grrr walkies wag wag woof dry woof woof walkies wag wag treat! "

As d-fa dictated by Basil, NZ