Lab Tested in New Zealand

The ability of dogs to be super-human is worthy of worship. Dog powers of smell, sight, hearing and stamina, their dedication to tennis balls and determination to extinguish the squeak of even the toughest toy are characteristics we humans can only dream of.  

Dogs are amazing, but they’re not immortal. Our dogs are flesh and blood, just like us – but with more hair. As we bring them into our lives and modify their natural instincts, such as not to go out in the rain or to cross roads at night, or snow-shoe, go rafting or ride in a stroller; the need to equip them with gear to keep them safe and comfortable increases.  

D-fa Dog equipment is engineered specifically for dogs by people who love dogs, live for the outdoors and have decades of experience designing outdoor gear for humans. Our dog jackets and other gear are made with comfort, protection and doggy-ego needs in mind.  

Our proving ground is the Southern Alpine region of New Zealand. Our mountains and lakes are teeming with things to chase, tracks to explore and rapids to run. You will likely see a D-fa dog here testing out gear on their evening walks, tracking a deer or digging someone out of an avalanche. We test all of our jackets and gear on real dogs doing real doggy stuff. Check out our Dogs of D-fa to meet some of our development dogs.  

Dogs can make an adventure out of anything – a walk around the block, a trip to the beach or an expedition across a mountain range. Every outing is an experience and whatever their size, lineage or circumstance all dogs have their own sense of adventure.   Stature, breeding and circumstance place no limits on the need for comfort and the desire to enjoy the wind in your fur and the scents of the world in your nose. Our dog gear is designed and tested in New Zealand to help canines and their owners make the most of any adventure, wherever it may take them.